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Anonymous asked: I could really use some advice. I've been trying to lose weight and get for for so long but I can't seem to stick with it. I just want to do it for myself and be comfortable in my own skin. I don't have problems with exercise as much as I do eating healthy. I love to run and workout but when it comes to the kitchen I fail horribly. I want more than anything to lose the weight and be proud of myself and play the sports I do to the best of my ability. Any advice?


I feel like the key to being successful in any health journey is to plan ahead. Fail to plan and plan to fail, right? I would suggest writing a sort of rough draft or guide for your weekly meals and prepping them beforehand. You can print out meal planners like this one and fill them in weekly or daily (the day before). 

Prep all your meals for the next 3 days on sunday night for example, and then prep again on wednesday night for the other days. Here’s a link on meal prepping for beginners. And also a guide to weekly food prepping. ALWAYS have snacks on you! I know buying boxes of individual packs of almonds/nuts/etc is expensive so just go to Costco or any other place that sells things in bigger packages and then separate them into single servings yourself. 

When going out with friends/partner/family/etc try checking out the restaurants menu online beforehand. They usually have the nutrition facts listed on their website. If not, here are some tips on eating out

Find healthy foods you love and stick to those. I know its hard to eat plain chicken and beans when theres sooo much more delicious looking food everywhere but remember your meals don’t have to be boring! Make your meals super yummy with some salt free seasonings like the ones from Mrs. Dash  or make some at home healthy dressings for your salads. 

Now I know the deal with these recipes is that theyre often made with ingredients like your ancestor’s enemies tears and unicorn blood so heres a website that you choose the ingredients you have and then it shows you recipes with them! 

Here are some other helpful links:

I wish you the beeest of luck on your journey and whenever youre doubting if youre making progress, you are! Every right choice you make is a step closer to your goal. You don’t have to sprint through the journey, walk leisurely and enjoy it :) I believe in you so much because I can see how badly you wish to succeed.

You want it and you will get it. Go kill em, champ.